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I Love Christmas Tree light in the room 🎄

The popular Christmas song: “Oh Christmas Tree” expresses the feelings some of us have about our Christmas Tree. 

The green, ever verdant tree that is a symbol of Christmas. The Christmas tree is the centre of Christmas decoration, matched only by the nativity scene.

Adorned with colourful ornament, surrounded by gifts, and filled with lights, the Christmas tree commands the attention it so deserves.

The lights! The bright twinkling lights of Christmas that light up not just the tree, but the entire space.

There is something fascinating about Christmas lights. The way they twinkle like they ste winking at you or like they have some sort of secret to tell you.


The Christmas lights are like icing on a cake. The Christmas tree is beautiful on it’s own, with the Christmas lights? The tree lights up and glow!

There is something about the Christmas lights that makes the house warm and inviting.

Have you ever stood to take in the beauty of Christmas lights outdoors? They are simply breathtaking.

They light up the whole place, bringing an air of festivity to the place.

Christmas lights bring joy to wherever they are hung.

There is something about how the lights glow in the dark when all the lights in the house are off.

Imagine this: it is late at night, everyone is in bed, the house is warm. The day has settled and the night has come out to play with its sometimes silent sounds, and sometimes active sounds.

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All the other lights are off, and only the lights on the Christmas tree are on.

It’s just you with a glass of your favourite drink, listening to the quiet sounds of your favourite Christmas songs.

This is one of the best feelings of Christmas.

To enjoy the beauty of Christmas right in your home.

Personally, I find it fascinating when the Christmas lights are the only ones glowing in the room.

It is one of my best moments of the season. 

When everyone has gone to bed, and I have the entire sitting room to myself,  I simply turn off all the lights in the house, leaving only the lights of the Christmas tree on.

Those lights, with their multiple colours,  blinking in the night, remind me of all the things I am grateful for. The light reminds me if the people who have lit up my life in that year.

To me, these lights are more than just Christmas tree lights.

They are a symbol of brightness, hope, happiness. and love. The lights remind us of the good things they have, and how much lights can dispel the darkness.

The lights remind us of the simple beauty we are surrounded by, and as they twinkle, we are reminded that beauty is all around us.

Anytime, you find yourself unable to sleep, simply turn off all the lights and leave that of the Christmas tree on.

There is something about having only the Christmas lights on, yes?

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