2 Babies Found Alive In Upside-Down Bathtub After Kentucky Tornado

Clara Lutz was looking after her tiny little grandchildren when the Kentucky tornado struck. It hit their home and carried her grandchildren away, into the air.

The two infants were, Kaden and Dallas, 15 and 3 months old, respectively. Clara was keeping an eye on them, as usual. She used to do this on the weekends to give the kids’ parents a break.

Clara was alerted in the morning about the path of the tornado. It was expected to hit her town and she, instantly, took the children to the bathtub.

Image Credits: Nancy McDonald | Facebook

She did her best to keep the children away from any harm.

Some people recommend getting into a bathtub during tornadoes. The construction and pipes make these tubs sturdier than other parts of the home.

She placed the babies in the bathtub with a pillow, a blanket, and a Bible. This was just minutes before the natural calamity hit her home and devastated everything she had built.

The bathtub flew away into the sky with the babies in it. A water tank, which was present in the bathroom, hit Clara in the head and stunned her temporarily.

After the winds calmed down and the tornado had passed through, Clara went outside and looked for the babies.

Her babies were gone, and she thought they were gone for good. Under the rain, however, she kept going with her search.

Later, rescuers arrived at the scene and began to help the people there. One of these rescuers told Clara that they had found a bathtub that was on its side. Dallas and Kaden were both under the bathtub when it was done.

Dallas was taken to the hospital right away by the police. There had been some bleeding inside the baby’s brain, but it had stopped. A lot of time had passed before they got to the Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville, so it had already stopped.

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