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5 Kinds Of People You Should Avoid

It is a world of kindness, care and mutual love, but sometimes things can get messy. The more you try to force your neighborly concern, the more the possibility of getting metaphorically slapped in the face. In as much as we should all strive to make the world a better place, there are some people who are not just part of that big picture. 

The Ones That Mess With Your Head

Ever been in a situation that looked like you were not in control of your own thoughts and actions? Well, some people specialize in making others do what they want by making them temporarily not think for themselves. Call it manipulation, but it could be more serious in some scenarios. If you want to remain sane, distance yourself from such people, especially as you may end up regretting what they make you do. 

The Ones Who Upset You Regularly

It is one thing to wrong someone, and a completely different one to do it again and again. If you are with someone who does this to you, chances are they do not have your best interest at heart. They know and do say they repeatedly do things to make you feel sad, and may  not even see any need to make amends. Such people are a threat to your peace of mind and self esteem so it’s best to stay away from them as much as you can. 

People Who Do Not Prioritize You

See, friendship is a two-way thing. Both persons need to show that the other person is a significant part of their life. One way to do that is prioritizing anything from their interests, opinions, feelings and endeavors. But if you find yourself putting your friend first all the time, there may be a problem. What’s worse, they prefer you to prioritize them, take all the glory and not think about your wellbeing. This is some level of selfishness, and usi9ng someone to get what you want. 

Unapologetic People

While some of them may be narcissistic, others are just downright unapologetic for different reasons. You mistakenly hurt them, but you quickly make amends by apologizing and atoning. In their case, however, there always seems to be an excuse or some prideful explanation. Anyone who does not value you and cares about the way you feel will not be sorry for what they have done to you. And it is best you steer clear of them to avoid getting hurt in the first place.  

The Victim Players

You know that person did something wrong. You know he or she has crossed the red line and needs to be called out for it. But they make it look like they are the ones being affected. They play the victim, expect you to feel sorry for them and maybe apologize for letting them be in such a situation. It is already sounding twisted, and it might go against everything you know and believe. People who play the victim seem to never be wrong, which is why you should distance yourself from their abuse. 

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