9-year-old steals the show at his sister’s wedding with a heartfelt speech that he didn’t expect to make

It was hard for Gus, a 9-year-old boy from Denver, Colorado, to hear that his sister was getting married.

As you know, he was happy for his sister Catie and her fiance Troy Husdon. He was also worried that he wouldn’t get to see his sister as much as he used to.

The two are very close, even though they are half-brother and half-sister.


In Yahoo News, Gus said, “I was afraid that she wouldn’t spend as much time with me as she used to.” So it was very stressful in that way because I didn’t want to break up with her.

His sister and her new husband had a beautiful ceremony that made Gus forget about his own fears.

“It’s kind of like magic.” There were a lot less things that made him nervous about them, so he said.


In the end, Gus didn’t want to make a speech. He felt like he had to stand up and say a few words, but no one thought he was going to steal the show.

His lips trembled and tears filled his eyes as Gus bravely stood up on stage, took the microphone, and spoke to his sister and new brother-in-law in front of everyone.


My friend got married today. I’m so happy for them. There are tears of joy in my eyes, even though I look a little down. Cathy, I love you and I’m so happy you gave me a brother-in-law. Gus said that while he tried to hold back the tears.

After the speech, the bride and groom were both in tears, and Catie ran over to give her little brother the best hug.

The way he says it is, “I’m doing what I want to do.” ‘We’re off! Bride: “And he’s really into it, too.”

Asked why he said what he said in his wedding speech, the brother of the bride told Gus that you shouldn’t be afraid to stay with your family. Don’t let that happen, because you and they love each other.

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