A farmer discovers the secret door in the ground

In 1850, a farmer was chanced to discover a secret doorway leading to an entirely different world, and the view left him shocked.

There’s a small creek in Scotland located along the green hill which is perfectly hidden from the naked eye. Many might not find it interesting but a single look at the beautiful wonders of nature will leave you speeches.


According to history, thousands of years ago, that particular site was an interesting one but not until sands covered it from the sight of humans.

In 1850, a storm swept across the Orkney Islands hence revealing the hidden wonderland. It is speculated to be older than the pyramids of Egypt.

The underground settlement is known as Skara Brae.

This building was not a house as it lacks beds and a dresser. It appears to have been a workshop for making stone tools and perhaps pottery, bone tools and wooden implements.

It wasn’t discovered so easily, as the terrible storm that revealed the hidden city took the lives of people.

The settlement is estimated to be inhabited between 3180 and 2500 BC and it consists of eight houses.


The house and its contents never degraded for over centuries, and it’s certainly because of the surrounding sand and the architecture of the buildings.

The houses were speculated to be built far from the sea, but the sea of recent seems closer and giving the settlement a perfect view.


The houses were connected via tunnels and each had a stone door.

Each room comprises the following household items, lockers, bureaus, seats and storage boxes, and a bed that’s bigger than the others.

Each House had its sewage and there’s a house that had no household items and it’s speculated to be the workshop.


The different houses were very similar and it’s speculated that the inhabitants lived in harmony and equity.

Among other things found in the settlements was a carved stone ball and no one has an idea of what it was used for.


Some think that the people who lived their eastern and northern Scotland during the final stages of the British Iron Age, but it seems like they are quite older than that.

Many are wondering what happened to the inhabitants. Some think that they met a tragic end, maybe the storm swept them away. No one knows what happened or the story behind the secret settlement, Skara Brae.


Over the years the area has become a tourist attraction attracting people from all over the world.

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