A fourth-grader in Texas survived a school shooting by smearing blood on herself and pretending to be dead.

The young girl was said to have spent the night terrified, urging her father to get his rifle because ‘he’s coming to get us.’

Her family claimed that an 11-year-old who survived the Robb Elementary School tragedy in Uvalde, Texas, made it out alive by putting blood on herself and pretending to be dead when the gunman entered her classroom.

Miah Cerrillo’s aunt and godmother told KNBC that the fourth-grader is struggling to cope with the trauma and is speaking up to her family about what she saw during the shooting. “My sister-in-law called me at midnight, crying and said, ‘I think it just hit Miah.’ ‘I believe everything has now come to fruition,’ says the author “Blanca Rivera stated

According to The Washington Post, the young child was late to school on the day of the tragedy due to a doctor’s appointment.
The shooting started less than an hour after she arrived at school. Miah’s father, Miguel Cerrillo, described the tense minutes that followed, saying that when his wife arrived at the school to check on their two children, she observed parents breaking windows to help students flee.

A mob of law enforcement personnel, journalists, and a growing number of worried parents had gathered outside when Cerrillo arrived just after noon.

A few minutes after his arrival, the worried father noticed an officer leaving the school with two youngsters. Miah was one among them, alive but drenched in blood. “I panicked,” Cerrillo recalled, recalling his daughter being loaded aboard a yellow school bus and being unable to remove her from the vehicle.

They were only able to communicate through the glass, and Miah told her father about some of the violence she had observed inside the school. She informed him that she had seen her teacher, Eva Mireles (one of the two teachers who died on the day of the attack), and that she had seen her teacher, Eva Mireles (one of the two teachers who died on that day.

Miah told her father that one of her classmates had been wounded and was bleeding, so she decided to lie on top of her to fool the gunman into thinking they were both dead. Cerrillo revealed that Miah observed the friend die before rescue arrived.

Meanwhile, Rivera claimed that her niece went into survival mode after seeing her teachers and peers being harassed. “Miah got some blood and put it on herself to make it look like she was dead,” says the narrator.

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