Daily Quotes

A mother is a shooting star

A mother
is a shooting star
who passes through
your life only once.
Love her because
when her light goes
out you will never
see again.

Mother is a beautiful creature created by God. She always loves her child unconditionally and sacrifices herself for their children. So the mother is like a shooting star with whom you spend your time once in your life. So give her love, importance, and care in her life. Always obey her and make her your first priority of life. Once this beautiful star will leave this world you will never able to see her again. So value her in her life once she left the world you will spend the rest of life in regrets. Its human nature that they value the thing most when they are far from them. They don’t value people near to them. So always value people when they are close to them. Please value your mother in their life. Love her unconditionally. It’s the responsibility of children to take care of their parents when they get old.

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