A parent is one who never gives up

God bless these precious gifts that He has given to us. I believe God works in mysterious ways. The gift of a child is one of the most precious gifts we can ever receive.

I believe God gives special needs children to special parents. Parents He knows will guide and nurture them with the most loving care. Maybe God’s plan was to give us these special gifts to makes us better people. To make us stronger, to open our hearts to something we never thought we were capable of doing. These children are unique, they flourish in their own time, in their own way and the are perfect in the package God created them to be. We learn so much from children, but learning from a special needs children is different. I believe they are angels God has sent to us. They truly have the most beautiful hearts, they are so eager to please, to love, to learn and to grow. It takes special people, with a huge nurturing heart, in a patient yet loving manner. These parents are the backbone of their children. The parents love is unending, they might tire but they will never give up. God bless the parents and the children. He watches from above and is in awe of the works you give to allow your child to blossom in their own time. Such a beautiful gift of love, the best gift from God.

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