A peculiar detail regarding President Biden’s shoes was found during a recent fall

President Joe Biden collapsed during the United States Air Force Academy graduation ceremony in Colorado Springs, and the story is still making headlines across the country.

The president’s infrequent slips and falls have become a major topic, but this one seems to stand out in particular. The strange cause for the fall that was stated, or perhaps the general flow of events at the start? President Biden’s shoes have been the focus of attention, igniting an intriguing rumour.

To be clear, no one is blaming the president’s shoes for his fall. Indeed, some internet trolls are wondering as to why he fell while wearing shoes designed to promote stability.

Taking a closer look at the soles reveals an unusual detail. In contrast to typical dress shoes, which have flat bottoms, these shoes have rubber soles with a distinctive grip pattern and a horseshoe-shaped heel. These shoes appear to have been created to assist someone who difficulties with balance owing to age, such as an 80-year-old travelling through terrain with many miles on it.

The similarities between these heels and those used by the late Michael Jackson to stay balanced during demanding dance routines have not gone unnoticed. They appear to have helped the King of Pop defy gravity, but not the President of the United States, who came into contact with a sandbag.

Every blunder, slip, or mistake made by President Biden is accepted with a shrug and an awareness of his periodic clumsiness. It’s nearly become a habit.

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