A royal specialist asserts that Kate Middleton is turning King Charles’ life into a “misery” in the midst of a photo error

The beginning of 2024 for Prince William and Kate Middleton has not been kind. Midway through January, the Princess of Wales had surgery.

Shortly after, King Charles started therapy for cancer, which was discovered during the course of treating an enlarged prostate.

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William balanced his royal responsibilities while taking on a lot of parenting responsibilities for their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. But one of the worst blows to their shared royal life has struck, just as the day draws nearer when Kate might return to her duties.

Following the latest photo blunder, in which Kate altered a Mother’s Day photo of herself and her kids, news outlets removed the image due to what seemed to be photoshop manipulation. Even still, other from sporadic updates, royal fans haven’t received any information on her true condition as of yet, and the fact that she hasn’t been seen in public or even shared a new photo has many concerned.

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A royal specialist now asserts that the Prince and Princess of Wales have placed King Charles in an even worse situation, despite King Charles’ hope that William and Harry’s dispute would end and make the rest of his life a little easier.

Following Christmas, the royal family seemed to be entering a new chapter in its history, almost nine months after monarch Charles was formally proclaimed monarch at his coronation in May at Westminister Abbey. Following the death of Queen Elizabeth, the population has welcomed and warmly embraced King Charles and Queen Camilla as their successors. The public appeal of Prince William and Kate Middleton has also been increasing at the same time.

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Harry wrote in Spare that his family members had attempted to make amends with him but had instead “come for a fight.” According to the Duke, the very least they desired was to know the reason behind their initial departure from the royal family.

“I tried to explain my side of things. I wasn’t at my best. For starters. I was still nervous, fighting to keep my emotions in check, while also striving to be succinct and precise,” Harry wrote. “More, I’d vowed not to let this encounter devolve into another argument. But I quickly discovered that it wasn’t up to me.”

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However, as was already established, things didn’t work out. Harry felt he was interrupted every time he tried to say something before the major topic of conversation was to be covered, when King Charles inquired about the weather and the funeral. The two boys eventually became “heated,” and their father had to intervene.

Harry remembered Charles asking, “Please, boys, don’t make my final years a misery,” as he “looked up at our flushed faces.”

Not even a year after taking the throne formally, Charles is currently experiencing yet another form of “misery,” since both he and Kate are unwell. The staged photo is becoming more and more of a controversy in the meantime, and things aren’t getting any easier because royal supporters aren’t being informed about what’s going on.

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King Charles is in a very difficult situation, particularly since the future king, his first son, and the incoming queen have taken centre stage and are probably looking to the king for advice.

The royal expert adds, however, that it’s because Harry and Meghan are still around and might spark tumultuous situations.

Daniela Elser continued, “I have never seen anything like the insanity, and the inanity, of the last few weeks in all the years I have written about the royal family, charting their downfalls, their exits, their TV shows, podcasts, books, interviews, interviews again, births, deaths, and energetic visits to waste recycling plants.

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“Please, boys,” the father pleaded in 2021 during a tense argument, as described by Harry in his biography Spare. William and Kate are regrettably unintentionally making their last years miserable this week.

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