According to a former classmate, children even tugged King Charles’ ear during an alleged attack at school

Almost two months have passed since Queen Elizabeth’s death, and King Charles has been in power ever since. It goes without saying that Charles and his wife Camilla have been preparing to become the King for years. Recent surveys indicate that he is becoming more well-liked among British citizens.


It suffices to say that Charles hasn’t always had the best reputation among the general public. The King struggled at school when he was young, according to a new ITV documentary titled Charles: Our New King.

Other kids weren’t only nasty to him; they allegedly also hit and pulled his ears.

Given the popularity of Queen Elizabeth, it was never going to be simple to succeed her in her historic reign. However, it appears that Charles’s own popularity has significantly increased as of late.

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As his father, Prince Philip, had done, the young prince started attending the institution at the age of 13.

“We were all instructed that Charles was just to be treated like everyone else, which was one of the errors that was made when he arrived at Gordonstoun. But he wasn’t like the rest of them, was he? In the documentary, Stonborough stated that he would become King of England.

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“We didn’t have private investigators; he had one.” And when he arrived, they tightened all of the rules, making the school more severe, and I believe that some of the students turned against him because of that.

Stonborough also described how the lads occasionally assaulted and attacked Charles. Gordonstoun, according to the monarch, is “Colditz in kilts.”

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“I really saw a straight assault on Prince Charles during a rugby match when he was in the scrum and one guy grabbed his ear and another guy punched him — right in the scrum,” he recalled, adding that Charles didn’t have many friends but decided to put up with the other guys’ mistreatment of him.


He had a hard time making friends, in part because people avoided him because they were afraid of being teased if they tried to be his friend.

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