According to a former secretary, Donald Trump erupted on Melania following the infamous jacket incident

When Joe Biden became President in January, Donald Trump vacated the White House. Since that time, he has resided in Florida with Melania and his son Barron, who has just begun a new school year.

Recently, rumours have persisted that he would very probably run for president in 2024. However, once more information regarding his four years in the White House was revealed, he might currently be dealing with more important issues.

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Former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham revealed details about Trump’s administration in a new memoir, placing special emphasis on one instance when he became irritatede with First Lady Melania.

Trump allegedly yelled at her, asking “what the f… they thought they were doing,” according to Grisham.

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Stephanie Grisham provided several details about Donald Trump’s time in the White House in her new book I’ll Take Your Questions Now.

If you’re a Trump supporter, it doesn’t all make for particularly enjoyable reading.

Grisham recalled a particular incident in which Trump lost his cool with his wife, Melania Trump, who was the first lady at the time.

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Melania was travelling to a Texas migrant housing facility when she wore a jacket that read, “I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?”

The First Lady’s office employee Grisham claims she was unaware of the wording on Melania’s clothing. Trump and his administration faced harsh criticism at the time for their decision to separate immigrant children from their families.

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The government was considered as having a strong opportunity to improve its reputation on the subject thanks to Melania’s visit. They actually gave up on the programme in the end.

The President became enraged upon Melania’s return from Texas. According to reports, Donald Trump called his wife into the Oval Office and yelled at her for donning the offensive jacket.


According to Grisham’s memoir, as quoted by The Washington Post, “He yelled and asked ‘what the [expletive]'” they thought they were doing.

Later, Melania Trump discussed the jacket in a CNN interview.

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