According to a new book, René Angélil, Celine Dion’s late husband, used her to pay off his debts

Celine Dion has endured some incredibly trying years. First, the epidemic put the majority of the world under lockdown, preventing musicians from performing at their scheduled events.

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Regrettably, Dion experienced the same thing. But more crucially, she’s been battling some grave health problems that have prevented her from performing.

Réne, Celine and her children’s devoted husband and father, passed away from cancer six years ago. The well-known Canadian singer has since raised her boys in Las Vegas, where she has held numerous residencies that have brought in millions of dollars.


She seemed to have the happiest love story ever in her marriage to Rene. However, two writers have now painted a very different picture of Dion and Angeli’s marriage in a new book, claiming that his gambling issues had a direct impact on Celine’s career.

At the time, neither Celine Dion nor Rnée Angelil were aware of it. But the Canadian girl initially met her future spouse when she was a young child.


When Celine was 12 years old, her parents sent a demo tape to Angelil, who was then in charge of managing Ginette Reno’s career, a well-known French singer.

Rene enjoyed Dion’s performance of a song that she had co-written with her mother and brother.

Roeben continued by saying that Celine Dion’s choice to live in Caesars Palace was more than just wise and strategic from a professional standpoint. It also had to do with Rene’s problems with gambling.

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It was intriguing how Rene made selections about which casino to visit based on his gaming debts. René once decided to remain at Caesars Palace in order to restructure his debts.

When Celine consented to extend her contract at Caesars, some of these were reimbursed. René had been very clear on this matter during the negotiations, so it was a part of them,” he said.

54-year-old Dion has been receiving therapy for severe and ongoing muscle spasms for the past year. She had to postpone a number of her concerts in Las Vegas in November 2021 and from January 19 to February 5, 2022, due to “unforeseen medical symptoms.” She had to postpone a portion of her European tour in April once more because of her “frustrating” health problems and muscle spasms.

According to a statement, Celine has been dealing with severe and ongoing muscle spasms that keep her from performing. “Her medical staff is still monitoring and treating her. She is unable to take part in the current show rehearsals due to the symptoms she is experiencing, though.

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