According to a recent poll, Prince William and Kate’s popularity has reached an all-time low

After the Christmas vacation, Prince William and Kate Middleton are back to their regular royal duties.

They have much to do as usual, including attending meetings, shaking hands, and travelling. Although the Prince and Princess of Wales are aware of their responsibilities, Prince Harry’s new tell-all memoir, Spare, has partially overshadowed the start of the 2023.

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In Harry’s book, the Royal Family as a whole—including William and Kate—found themselves being ridiculed. The disgruntled prince wrote extensively on how things appear to be conducted within the royal realm, and not much of what he said is complimentary of the Firm.

According to polls, Harry fell short in

According to polls, Harry’s popularity declined in the UK after the publication of the book, which led some to speculate that William and Kate, who were on the other side of the fence, may experience a rise in popularity.

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However, based on rumours, that might not be the case.

A royal analyst claims that William and Kate’s popularity is at its “lowest levels ever.”

Harry and William have been at odds for many years. Things worsened after Harry and Meghan Markle left the Royal Family. Given all the interviews, documentaries, and the recent publication of Spare, it may come as no surprise that William is now more angry than ever with his brother.

Numerous details regarding William and Kate Middleton, as well as his father, King Charles, and stepmother, Camilla, the Queen Consort, were included in Harry’s book.

Only 24% of the UK populace still thinks highly of him, according to a YouGov poll that was published in The Times. With 68 percent of those surveyed being critical of him, that percentage is down from 80 percent a decade earlier.

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The survey found that Harry and Meghan’s popularity among people over 65 was significantly lower than that of Prince Andrew.

It’s interesting to note that William and Kate haven’t fared much better after the release of Spare, at least in terms of the public’s perception of them.


Daniela Elser, a royal analyst for the New Zealand Herald, claimed that a recent YouGov poll revealed that the Prince and Princess of Wales had gotten the “lowest figures on record.”

But YouGov has been hard at work, polling Britons to find out how they feel about the House of Windsor at the moment. For anyone with a personal cypher, especially William and Kate, the numbers portray a bleak picture,” Elser noted.


Their net favorability is currently at 49% for the Prince and 50% for the Princess, she continued. the couple’s lowest polling results since records have been kept since 2011.

The royal expert also mentioned that Kate’s popularity is “68 percent positive and 18 percent negative,” compared to William’s popularity, which is “70 percent positive and 21 percent negative.”

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So it should be clear that Harry’s book did not help William and Kate’s reputation. The Earthshot Prize and the Early Years Foundations have “struggled to achieve considerable cut-through with their legacy projects,” according to Elser.

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