According to a royal critic, Princess Kate is wasting money while Prince William launches a campaign to combat homelessness

In September, Kate Middleton will have held the title Princess of Wales for a year. Of course, regardless of her position in the Royal Family, she has always maintained a humble and pleasant demeanour while meeting members of the public. Kate has served as a patron for various organisations, including one for children’s mental health.

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She recently launched her first campaign as Princess of Wales, while her husband, William, has focused on his new role as Prince of Wales. In late June, Prince William launched a campaign to address the UK’s homeless epidemic.

Simply put, William and Kate have worked tirelessly as the Royal Family enters a new era. Nonetheless, one royal observer has accused Kate of wasting money when her country is in a state of emergency.

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Kate Middleton has gained popularity since joining the Royal Family. This is aided not just by how she interacts with members of the public, but also by her down-to-earth demeanour, which extends from the way she speaks to the way she wears.

That’s why it’s perplexing everytime she’s chastised.

Though she holds a number of titles reflecting her outside interests, such as the Royal Photographic Society and the Rugby Football Union, Kate launched the Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood in June 2021 to better coordinate her work with children. It is also intended to serve as a point of contact for other charities on the same topic that the princess might assist and participate in on her own.

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As previously said, Kate has always been passionate about mental health. She started a new campaign for children’s mental health in 2019; at the time, several royal insiders speculated that it would be an important part of her life’s work.

Of course, Kate isn’t the only one in her family who is concerned about social concerns. Prince William launched a big five-year drive to reduce homelessness in the middle of June. He stated that it should not exist in a “modern and progressive society,” and his charity has contributed three million pounds to assist make homelessness “rare, brief, and unrepeated.”

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“Everyone should have a safe and secure home,” said Prince William, adding that he wants to end the “prejudice and stigma” associated with homelessness.

According to the BBC, over 300,000 individuals are currently homeless in the United Kingdom. Prince William urges local coalitions of charity, price industries, and housing professionals to build specialised housing projects and support services to assist individuals who are currently homeless.


While some have lauded Prince William’s new effort, others are sceptical. Graham Smith of the anti-monarchy group “Republic” slammed the prospective king as “hypocritical.”

“The last thing we need is for William to get involved in this issue, a man who has three huge homes and a vast estate gifted to him by the state,” says Graham Smith of the anti-monarchy group Republic.

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