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According to a royal specialist, Kate Middleton made a “big mistake” in the hospital prior to surgery

Kate Middleton was eventually reunited with her family at Adelaide Cottage on Windsor’s grounds, following over two weeks of hospitalisation.

Following her stomach surgery, the Princess of Wales left The London Clinic, according to a statement released by Kensington Palace on Monday.

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On Monday afternoon, Kate was returned to Windsor by a discreet exit from the clinic. She will now recuperate at their house until after Easter.

Regarding the nature of the surgery, a lot of conjecture has been raised. Kate Middleton made the decision to withhold any personal medical information. The princess reportedly made a “big mistake” at the hospital, though. That is, a royal insider claims, adding that it was readily avoidable.

After it was announced that Kate Middleton would have a “planned abdominal surgery,” thirteen days later, she is at last back at home with her kids.

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King Charles received high marks for being transparent about his corrective surgery, not least because it would encourage other men to go to the doctor and be checked out.

However, Kate chose not to reveal her health problem, which has led royal analyst Daniela Elser to argue that she made a grave error.

Elser, writing for News.com.au, claims that nobody “knows exactly what is troubling” the Princess of Wales save for her family. The royal expert claims that Kate has wasted a “enormous opportunity” to spread awareness and perhaps even assist others.

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“There are numerous reasons why the princess could be lounging about and enjoying midmorning television in a spotless starched white room filled with bleepy machines and enough flower arrangements to outfit Westminster Abbey,” Elser wrote. “The abdomen starts with the liver and ends somewhere colon-ish.”

The mother-of-three is clearly upset, and nobody outside of the Middleton family chat knows for sure. It seems to me that the princess has thrown away a great chance. This month, Kate had the opportunity to make a significant impact, but she chose not to.

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The royal expert went on to explain that even though Kate “is still human” and “entitled to privacy,” she might have eased public concerns by disclosing her problems.

Elser went on, “She has every right to not have to share every sniffle, ache, and mild rash with the ogle-loving public or to have her staff issue a press release every time she might experience some mild IBS symptoms.”

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