According to a royal specialist, Kate Middleton was “bullied” into disclosing more information about her health problems

after her stomach surgery, she spent over two weeks in the London Clinic. Kate Middleton will at last return to Windsor to resume her recuperation, according to a statement from Kensington Palace.

Like everyone else, the royal family has health problems that require attention. But because this was so unique, there has been a lot of media attention and a lot of rumours.

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The public has demanded more knowledge and insights about Kate, even if she has chosen not to disclose all the specifics of her medical condition. One royal specialist is quite irritated by this and has likened it to bullying. Sadly, Kate Middleton has experienced that in the past.

Following what Kensington Palace described as a “planned” stomach operation, Kate Middleton has been hospitalised at the London Clinic for about two weeks.

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The announcement was made by the Palace on Wednesday, over two weeks ago, one hour before it was announced that King Charles would be receiving treatment for an enlarged prostate. Thirteen days after the procedure, she is finally allowed to return home.

The Telegraph claims that Kate wasn’t taken right away to the hospital. Even as late as last week, assistants were still organising her travel and upcoming events. Later on, however, concerns surfaced over Kate’s decision to tell just her immediate family members about the news.

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Exactly what Kate’s abdominal surgery was about has not been revealed. The Princess of Wales decided to keep details about her abdominal surgery private, but still, the public wanted to know more about their beloved princess.

Still, a royal expert is concerned about the public’s desire for Kate to disclose her health issue in more detail. Richard Eden defended Kate Middleton during an appearance on the television programme Palace Confidential. He went on to say that many had emailed and messaged The Times online to request additional information.

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In fact, he said that coercing Kate into providing updates would be construed as “bullying.”

Eden remarked, “I don’t see why she should feel pressured into providing more information.” It’s great if she wants to do so later on; it’s entirely up to her. However, she shouldn’t feel obligated to.

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Eden went on to discuss the public’s remarks, stating, “It’s been ‘She should give more details,'”and why doesn’t she?

Furthermore, there has been increased pressure, with letters to The Times newspaper stating that she would set a fine example for other women by being more forthcoming about her medical issues and other personal matters.

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