According to an analyst, King Charles’ peculiar motion toward Camilla in a recent snapshot conveys a significant message

As their first official royal obligation after Queen Elizabeth’s death was over, King Charles and Camilla, the Queen Consort, have been in Scotland.

The pair met with members from Historic Scotland to discuss local history while attending Dunfermline Abbey’s 950th anniversary celebration.

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King Charles and Camilla, Prince William, and Kate Middleton will all have a number of new responsibilities as they advance in the Royal Family’s line of succession. They will undoubtedly continue to draw a lot of attention from the public for the foreseeable future.

In fact, a certain image that the Palace shared on its official social media platforms had a lot of people talking.

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Even a body language specialist has commented on the new photo, providing us more information about Camilla, Charles, William, and Kate’s particular pose.

As the Royal Family members resume their duties in the wake of the Queen’s departure, their lives are gradually returning to normal. That means various new engagements for Camilla and King Charles, especially for the monarch, who regrettably must step aside from some of his charitable work.


“This looks like a forming up under potential attack, especially from the direction of the US, and Charles’ unusual PDA of placing an arm around Camilla’s back, mirroring her arm around his, could be seen as a message in the same direction, as there have been rumours that Harry may have been critical of Camilla in his new book,” the author writes.

In addition, Judy James claims that Charles’ decision to include his heir and Kate in the picture suggests that they are not the King and his heir but rather “in one line of four.” According to the body language expert, it also conveys a spirit of “I’ve got your back” teamwork.

James explained that William’s posture, with his hands clasped in front of his chest, “suggests a dutiful approach to his father, while Catherine places an arm across her husband’s back to express continued support.”

The picture was taken as Charles and Camilla were attending their first official royal engagements as King and Queen Consort after Queen Elizabeth’s period of mourning had over.


The King and Queen Consort visited Dunfermline, Scotland, on Monday to celebrate the city’s 950th birthday and spoke with officials from Historic Scotland to learn more about the region’s past. The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebration saw the old town transform into a city lately.


Camilla and Charles further went to the City Chambers to a formal council meeting. The King then changed as a city official and delivered a brief speech.

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