According to Kate Middleton, Prince Louis is struggling more than anyone with the Queen’s passing

One of the most terrible things we can go through is losing a close relative or friend.

The Royal Family was ready for a series of events, but the death of the Queen set them in motion. But no matter how prepared you are, it still hurts when a loved one passes away.

Only 4 years old, Prince Louis is mourning the passing of his great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

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The Princess of Wales and Louis’s mother, Kate Middleton, admits that the young kid is finding it difficult to comprehend the passing of his royal relative.

Kate explained to Australia’s Governor-General David Hurley that her kid frequently has inquiries that reveal how perplexed he is. At a banquet arranged for Commonwealth dignitaries prior to the Queen’s funeral, the princess and governor-general gave speeches.

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When reflecting on this conversation, David Hurley said he thought the older kids were starting to realise how significant this loss was. Hurley uses Prince George, a 9-year-old, as one example. The youngster “kind of now realises how important his great-grandmother was and what is going on,” the man said.

The little Prince Louis, in contrast to his somewhat older relative, is too immature to properly comprehend death itself, much less the loss of a loved one. Louis Middleton’s mother, Kate Middleton, claims that her youngest son is finding it difficult to comprehend the Queen’s passing.

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He is still unable to comprehend the magnitude of his great-passing grandmother’s for him, his family, and his nation. Instead, the young kid, according to Kate, has mostly given attention to activities he shared with the Queen, like the games they played together.

The eldest child of Kate has also pondered what their future may hold, including aspects like their customary summers trip to Balmoral Castle.

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The younger one is now asking inquiries like, “Do you believe we can still play these games when we travel to Balmoral,” and similar inquiries because she won’t be present, according to Hurley.

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