According to Steve Harvey, “The God I Serve Didn’t Bring Me This Far To Leave Me

One saying reads, “When a door shuts, a window opens.” This adage has surely been used a million times. It has been utilised frequently by many people.

However, whoever said it first, one thing is for sure: despite the fact that this is not a Bible verse, it undoubtedly inspires people to think that there is faith and hope.

Even while life may offer you heartbreak and sorrow in plenty, this should not make you lose trust in God; rather, it should only make it stronger.

Deeply religious people believe that lost dreams are God’s way of letting you know that greater things are coming your way.

All you need, therefore, is a little bit of patience and the conviction that everything happens for a reason.

But losing something you’ve come to love over time is among the worst possible outcomes. Steve Harvey, a longtime beloved talk show host, experienced just that.

His daytime talk show “Steve” (formerly “Steve Harvey”) aired on NBC for seven seasons/years. The network chose to permit him to go in spite of this.

What transpired made people wonder if the show was just a casualty of the conflict that erupted when Endeavor’s IMG Original Content took control two seasons ago.

Harvey expressed his displeasure with the network’s handling of his show’s replacement with “The Kelly Clarkson Show” to Variety during the final season of the programme.

Steve refused to let the terrible news shake his faith in God despite it. He shared a video on Instagram that genuinely moved a lot of people.

He continues in his video, “They’re gon’ close the door on me in 2019.” All of this indicates that God may have another door waiting for me to unlock. He continues with some fervent and inspiring words that further increased our admiration for who he is. Steve asserts that the end of the world is not implied by the closing of a door.

I’ve learnt to accept God’s will and realise that everything that occurs to me is for my benefit and development, the man added. Because the God I worship did not send me this far only to desert him.

In 2012, Steve Harvey introduced the midday talk programme with “The Steve Harvey Show.” It was jointly produced by NBCUniversal and Endemol Shine North America, and it was released by NBCUniversal Television Domestic Television Distribution.

One of the rare new daytime entries that garner both excellent and decent ratings was the show. The program’s final season saw an average of about 1. 8 million viewers each week.

Due to this, it passed Dr. Phil, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Live with Kelly and Ryan, and Maury to take fifth place among talk shows.

The well-known chat show host is still a frequent on television even if “Steve” is no longer on the air. In addition to hosting “Family Feud,” he has emceed other occasions, such as the Miss Universe pageant and Fox’s “New Year’s Eve with Steve Harvey: Live From Times Square.”

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