According to the book, after Prince William cancelled their New Year’s plans, Kate Middleton was “left in tears

Since many years ago, Kate Middleton and Prince William have celebrated the holidays together. Nothing makes them happier than getting together with their small family on holidays like Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Easter to give thanks for everything they have.

But of course, during the past eight years, the holiday preparations have changed significantly. Why? Well, of course, because they welcomed their three children.


Like most couples, William and Kate, now referred to as the Prince and Princess of Wales, have had highs and lows. After their breakup in 2007, which sparked widespread speculation, there have been numerous rumours regarding what actually transpired.

What is certain is what William and Kate said in their engagement video, in which they were open and honest about their intention to separate before getting back together. According to rumours, there was a moment when William wasn’t sure if Kate was the one.

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He supposedly left her in a torrent of tears with one choice.

Kate and William have a lengthy relationship. While attending St. Andrew’s University, they first became close friends before quickly falling in love.

Katie Nicholl, a royal specialist, claims that William abruptly changed their plans, leaving Kate in a puddle of tears.

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According to Nicholl’s 2011 book The Making of a Royal Romance, Kate was left worried about the future of their union. William had agreed to meet Kate and her family, but on Boxing Day he called to cancel. He chose to remain with the royals instead.

Unsure of what to do, the future king sat down with the Queen and his father, Charles, and discussed his feelings. They could clearly respond.

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“William had been having second thoughts and had a candid conversation about his future with Kate with his father and grandma. Both cautioned him against moving too quickly, according to Nicholl in her book.

Thankfully, William and Kate’s 2007 divorce was short-lived. They had no idea at the time how perfect their relationship would be now, 15 years later, with their three amazing children.

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Kate, William, George, Charlotte, and Louis recently relocated to Adelaide Cottage in the grounds of Windsor Castle, where they seem destined to stay for many years.

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