Actor Kenneth Mitchell, a Canadian from “Star Trek,” passes away at the age of 49

Kenneth Mitchell, a Canadian actor best known for his parts in Captain Marvel and Star Trek: Discovery, passed away more than five years after receiving an ALS diagnosis. 49 was his age.

The next day, a message posted to his social media accounts revealed that the Toronto native Mitchell had passed away on Saturday.

“Kenneth Alexander Mitchell, beloved father, husband, brother, uncle, son, and dear friend to many, has passed away,” the obituary said with heavy hearts.

“Ken endured a terrible ordeal caused by ALS for five and a half years. And in typical Ken form, he overcame them all with dignity and a dedication to living a happy, full life every day.

According to the statement, people who knew Mitchell well described him as a gifted performer as well as “a bear hugger,” “hope seeker,” “Leafs fan,” and “a proud father.”

On Sunday, a statement recognising Mitchell was also posted by the official Star Trek franchise. Mitchell’s portrayal of the Klingons Kol, Kol-Sha, and Tenavik, according to the franchise, gave fans “a new perspective on Klingon culture.”

The statement ended, “The entire Star Trek family sends their condolences to Mitchell’s family, friends, loved ones, and fans around the world.”

Mitchell remained active until 2022 despite receiving a diagnosis of ALS in 2018, a degenerative motor neuron disease.

Mitchell stated in a 2020 interview with People magazine that, in part due to his wheelchair usage, he could no longer conceal his diagnosis.

He disclosed that he was diagnosed subsequent to persistent twitching of his muscles, which he believed to be either multiple sclerosis (MS) or a pinched nerve. When Mitchell found out he had ALS, he described it as “a complete disbelief, a shock.”

Mitchell stated to People that he wished to contribute to raising ALS awareness in society.

He declared, “I want to be a part of that and I think I can offer.” It would mean a lot to me if I could motivate just one person.

“I’m no longer able to disguise it. Rather than withdrawing into my house, which is also a perfectly acceptable option, I reasoned. I wouldn’t hold anyone accountable. No one would, in my opinion. However, I think the moment has come for me to speak up and be heard.

Aurellio, one of Mitchell’s Star Trek characters, also utilised a wheelchair on screen, although it was a hovercraft from the future. The actor expressed gratitude to fans for the “warm reception to this new character” in an Instagram post dated 2021.

He added, “During my difficult battle with ALS, my Discovery family and I worked together in a special way to inject me with heaps of love and inspiration.” “A reminder that potential and ability always exist, regardless of one’s [sic] impairments. Extremely appreciative of the inclusion.

The actor wrote a poem in his obituary about wanting to be swallowed up by a massive tree and buried beneath it.

He wrote, “I want to become a tree when I die, when I leave this life, a Ginkgo, White pine, Jacaranda, Lemon, Cedar, Oak, Myrtle or Maple.” “I want to reach up through the branches and touch the night sky, and I want to be buried under the roots so that all of my matter, energy, love, laughter, and tears can be absorbed.”

In countless Star Trek: Discovery episodes, he portrayed a variety of characters, including Aurellio, Tenavik, and Klingon warrior Kol-Sha. He did voice acting for Star Trek: Lower Decks as well.

Mitchell’s most well-known roles outside of the Star Trek world were as Eric Green from the television series Jericho and Joseph Danvers, the father of the superhero Captain Marvel.

Lilah and Kallum, his two children, and his wife Susan survive him. Any donations, according to the actor’s family, should be “given towards ALS research or in

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