Actress Loni Anderson seems to be aging backwards

In the Kate 70s, loni Anderson is popularly known as Jennifer Marlowe on the CBS sitcom “WKRP in Cincinnati”.

The show earned Anderson three Grammy awards and it ran from 1978 to 1982.

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The award winning actress was born in Minnesota and made her debut in 1966 alongside Steve McQueen in the movie Nevada Smith.

After that she remained in the spotlight, appearing on “S.W.A.T”, “Phyllis”, “Police Woman”, and “Harry O” before coming to the attention of ABC network.

The Minnesota born actress has been married four times, but her six-years marriage to Burt Reynolds made headlines the most. She is 75 years old today and she seems to be aging like fine wine.

. While talking to Closer weekly, the credit for her youthful appearance goes to a healthy lifestyle. She plans to change the perception of how the world views grandmas and what they look like.

“I was never really interested in playing traditional, sensible-shoe-wearing, rocking-chair grandmas. “I’m not saying traditional is boring, but I’m a grandma and the women around me are, too,” she says.

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“We’re different from that stereotype, so it’s time to change the face of what grandmas look like!” Anderson opened up about her healthy lifestyle saying she exercises daily since she turned 30, eats a healthy diet, focusing on her mental health and being appreciative of all she has.


“Then I make the best of it as the day flies by,” she said. She has managed to keep herself happy by marrying the love of her life, her fourth husband musician Bob Flick in 2008.

“I married the man I should have married in 1963 but then I wouldn’t have had all the wonderful people in my life,” Anderson told Studio 10. “It’s so bizarre how we came together but it was destiny and we have wonderful grandchildren.”

Loni had a major breakdown when she heard that her daughter Deidra Hoffman had diagnosed with multiple scleroses. She had her with her first husband Bruce Hasselberg.

“I fell apart,” Loni told Closer Weekly in 2017. “I mean, I didn’t want to fall apart in front of her because I knew she was struggling to just maintain herself, but it was very difficult to come to grips with,” she said.

Amidst all she has been through, she has managed to keep radiating and being beautiful like never before. She is a good example of you can be going through the worst and still manage not to dent your health or your looks. We can learn a lot from her healthy lifestyle and perspective to life.

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