After 41 Years, Pat Sajak Says Emotional Farewell to ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Family

With just hours before Pat Sajak’s final episode of “Wheel of Fortune” is set to air, a preview clip was released, showcasing his emotional farewell.

Sajak begins by thanking viewers for their long-time support, expressing how privileged he felt to be invited into their homes for decades.


He emphasized his dedication to keeping the show a family-friendly space, free from social issues and politics, where people could simply enjoy a game. He also highlighted the show’s educational impact, helping children learn letters and aiding non-native English speakers.

Sajak announced his departure from the show in June 2023, stating it was time to move on. He started hosting the daytime edition of “Wheel of Fortune” in 1981 and transitioned to the syndicated version in 1983 alongside co-host Vanna White.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – DECEMBER 9 : Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak looks toward the puzzle board during the show at the Broward County Convention Center on December 9, 2005 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. (Photo by Ralph Notaro/Getty Images)

During the final episode, White gave a heartfelt tribute to Sajak, calling him a brother and lifelong friend. She expressed her love and appreciation for him, underscoring the deep bond they share.

Sajak’s farewell marks the end of an era for the iconic game show, leaving behind a legacy of entertainment and education.

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