After a rare appearance, a photo of Melania Trump ignites a vicious “photoshop conspiracy.

A few days ago, Melania Trump and her husband, Donald Trump, made their first public appearance together at Mar-a-Lago. A few weeks ago, the former first lady bid farewell to her mother, Amalia Knavs, at the funeral in Palm Beach.

She hasn’t been at Donald’s side, though, despite being urged to promote his presidential campaign.

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While Donald Trump has made news for his somewhat controversial outbursts against his Republican opponent for president, Nikki Haley, not to mention making fun of her husband, who is serving in the US military, Melania is probably in Palm Beach with her son Barron, and supporting him.

Melania Trump’s year hasn’t been easy. In 2023, her spouse, Donald Trump, faced multiple criminal accusations and litigations pertaining to his activities during his tenure as US President, in addition to other civil issues.

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Israeli beauty Noy Tawil shared a photo of herself visiting Donald and Melania Trump’s Palm Beach mansion on social media. Nevertheless, several admirers said it was a phoney picture when they enlarge it.

According to OK!, one person commented, “Looks photoshopped,” and another, “She looks miserable and is photoshopped.”

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A third individual stated that she “won’t even sit beside him in a car” and that the photo was old.

A fourth individual said, “Melanie hates him! I’m curious how much money she receives or will receive for being by his side. If nothing else, I hope she is teaching Barron not to be like his father.

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Social media was flooded with the fairly nasty remarks that the photo wasn’t real. However, many more defended her at the same time.

Many defended Melania during the accusations of Photoshop, pointing out that she had recently buried her mother and was likely still in mourning.


“Her mum passed away recently. She had been caring for her mother, who was dying of cancer, before that. She is in mourning. On X, a person said, “Let her rest in peace.

“No one is photoshopping anything except for you,” said an additional person. Imagine being so hated that you would be willing to be so dishonest.

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