After arduous post-surgery training, Shaquille O’Neal pulls off his shirt to reveal his sculpted body

Shaquille O’Neal, the big man, can be defeated by very few things. Less than five months after undergoing major hip surgery, the 7-foot-1 Basketball Hall of Famer, who appears to be invincible, is displaying his ripped figure and receiving accolades from admirers for his unwavering spirit.

Shaq, a natural performer, recently shared a workout video of himself at the gym ripping his grey shirt from his enormous frame, showing followers the physical transformation brought on by months of tough training following his hip replacement.

A beast, Shaquille O’Neal is. The man, who throughout the course of his 19-year career played for six National Basketball Association (NBA) clubs, is still going strong at the age of 51. He stands at 7’1″ and weighs about 325 pounds.

One of the best players of all time is the four-time NBA Champion who finished his career in 2011 playing centre for the Boston Celtics.

But his retirement from basketball didn’t indicate a slowdown in his pace.

He’s actually a musician, actor, TV personality, philanthropist, and all-around nice man.

In the 1990s, O’Neal, sometimes known as Shaq Diesel or Shaq Fu in the music industry, put out four hip-hop albums. This year, he collaborated with musicians Blackway and Koko to put out a new single called “King Talk” in honour of the NBA Playoffs. Despite the poor criticism his earlier work garnered from reviewers, his debut album went platinum and his second one achieved gold.

He currently primarily participates in the music industry as DJ Diesel, creating and performing electronic dance music while travelling the globe.

O’Neal also put his acting skills to the test in movies and on television, most memorably as a guest on Discovery Channel’s 2018 Shark Week, where the enormous man—who is frightened of sharks—was thrown into a tank full of the apex predators, producing some amusing video.

Shaq is admired most for his skills and abilities as a sports pundit on the TV programme Inside the NBA, in addition to all of his side jobs.

O’Neal frequently posted about his travels and sports knowledge on social media, frequently multiple times per day. However, in late March, he abruptly stopped doing so, scaring many of his 15.8 million Twitter followers and over 32 million Instagram followers.

He finally broke his silence on March 19 and sent a tweet in which he is shown lying in a hospital bed.

He revealed that he underwent a hip replacement the next day and that he is “fine, no need to worry.”

Shaq issued an update less than a week later, along with an emotional video and a motivational speech playing in the background. He enters the gym to work out while hobbling and using a crutch to support the right side of his body.

“About to get my game back, all you old dudes that hoop,” he wrote as the caption for the photo.I’ll be there for you all.

Commentary was immediately added by fans and friends of celebrities. Jamie Foxx, an actor and comedian, writes, “Bro, this s— almost made me cry,” while Arsenio Hall, a former talk show host, says, “My buddy 4 life! Luv u.”

Since then, “Superman” O’Neal has published additional exercise videos showcasing his physical development, pictures from his day-to-day life, videos of him spinning records at music festivals, as well as basketball-related material.

He recently shown his amazing Herculean strength on Instagram. The Big Aristotle came on screen, ripping off his tank top to display his gigantic muscles, as some menacing music with lyrics that read “I am a warrior, a destroyer” played in the background.

He then performed a couple Mr. Olympia positions, surprising the crowd with the size of him.

“In my former life I was [Phil Health] we almost there,” writes O’Neal, tagging the seven-time Mr. Olympia winner Phil Health.

I suppose I need to pay big [Shaq] a visit, Health wrote in response to the post. The day of judgement will be epic proportions in the gym, hehe. You look terrific, brother.

One admirer asks Shaq, “Why couldn’t you be like this in 2003-2004?,” in response to his remarkable metamorphosis. You two could have won five in a row! SMH.” He didn’t tear his undershirt; instead, he tore a [blanket] that seven youngsters shared, according to another fan.

Shaquille O’Neal is so amazing at everything he does and is such a sensation. We are thrilled that the great has recovered from his surgery because of his inspiring perseverance.

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