After her uncle appeared on “Celebrity Big Brother,” Kate Middleton became “depressed” because of what he disclosed about her health

The lives of the royal family may seem like a reality show to those who are not admirers of them. For others, the monarchy and its people represent something very different, and definitely not something that would be featured on TV.

Even though it’s unlikely that royal family members like Prince William, Kate Middleton, King Charles, or Queen Camilla will participate in these kind of programmes, some of their acquaintances have.

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Mike Tindall, Zara Tindall’s husband and Princess Anne’s daughter, had an appearance on an Australian celebrity reality show a few years back. Gary Goldsmith, Kate’s uncle, is the latest member of The Firm cast to decide to board the celebrity television bandwagon.

On the British edition of Celebrity Big Brother, the uncle of the Princess of Wales made an appearance. Goldsmith revealed a great deal of information about Meghan Markle, the royal family, and his niece as soon as he walked inside the home.

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But it seems like Kate is not at all pleased with it. An expert claims that she has been extremely disturbed by his appearance, to the point that it has negatively impacted her mental health.

After her stomach surgery, Kate Middleton was able to leave The London Clinic and go home in 13 days. The Princess of Wales was at last reunited with her kids, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. She also certainly did a lot of other enjoyable activities, even though her recuperation would require her to take it very easy and probably not do any strenuous activity.

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A few weeks remain until Easter, and at first, it was thought that Kate Middleton will resume her royal duties after the vacation. She shouldn’t obsess about when or if she returns; time will tell if that schedule is still reasonable.

In response to the rumours circulating regarding Kate’s health, Goldsmith chose to address his fellow Celebrity Big Brother house members, Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne, telling them to leave her alone.

“I believe that they ought to leave her alone at this time because the family is giving her some space and isn’t discussing it for a purpose. Simply put, I believe it to be essentially incorrect and that if it were occurring to someone else, people would consider giving them some space. However, there is always curiosity in Kate because, well, she’s just Kate and she does such a great job, according to Goldsmith.


She is the most popular queen for a reason, so please, I implore you, give her some room. They are definitely focused on the family and I believe they are altering the dynamic. Family comes first, yet they have a duty and are fortunate to have the positions they have. You must take care of yourself. Before you tend to others, you put on your own oxygen mask. We’ll see you again when you’re ready, Kate. Please get well. I love you. Why not her since we treat everyone else in the same way?

Goldsmith disclosed to the Celebrity Big Brother houseguests on Tuesday that he had discussed his niece’s condition with Kate’s mother, Carole Middleton.

He remarked, “I spoke to her mother; she’s getting the best care in the world.” “She’s incredible; she will definitely return.”

Goldsmith claimed he wouldn’t talk about Kate’s location, despite the fact that he talked about her health on Wednesday. Conspiracy theories have suggested that Kate isn’t at Adelaide Cottage as previously said, and many are asking themselves “Where is Kate?” on social media.

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Furthermore, Bond claims that the royal family might suffer even if he does nothing embarrassing.

“I don’t think they have a very strong relationship, and I don’t think he’s in the ‘inside circle’ anymore; instead, I think he’s been pushed farther and farther outside of it. He’s very much a freelancer, doing what he wants,” she told the Mirror.

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