After sharing her pregnancy journey, Eliana has left a lot of people talking

Eliana Rodriguez took to social media to share her pregnancy journey with the world and it left people talking as they couldn’t understand why her belly kept growing through the moments.

It takes a lot for someone to carry another life inside her as it can be both emotionally and physically exhausting.

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The Las Vegas mom documented her pregnancy journey and one of the most glaring was her belly size. Some argued that she didn’t have only one child and there are possibilities that she has more kids inside her stomach.

“You are huge” “Why does her stomach look like that?” “Omg it was just one baby???????” and “It’s like she doesn’t have ANY stomach muscles to support the weight of the baby,” people said.

‘Never seen [someone’s] pregnancy belly get this way unless there were twins!!!’ one person wrote, while another said: ‘I have [never] seen anyone able to lift their baby like that in their tummy.’

According to the doctors, everything was normal and Eliana was healthy, but the critics weren’t having any of that and still went on to drop their opinions about her body.

“Twins or not twins no one should harshly judge, or negatively comment about a woman’s pregnant belly… different women are built differently,” one Instagram user wrote.

“It’s SO annoying. I’ve noticed people say this to almost every pregnant woman… There’s a whole baby in there, what do theyexpect,” one person wrote in her defense.

Eliana said, “Pregnancy can come in all shapes and sizes, it’s something we cannot control, and to have someone say I look gross is shocking especially from another woman. As women, we should uplift and empower each other, not the opposite. Pregnancy is a beautiful journey and such a special moment.”

Turned out that Eliana’s big belly was because she was about to have a big boy.

On June 11 she welcomed her bundle of joy into the world with just two pushes and weighed 8.3 pounds and was 20.5 inches in length.

At some points, she was scheduled for surgery as the baby’s heartbreak dropped, but it all got better in the blink of an eye.

”I prayed so much. I felt God’s presence. Yes, it was a scary moment seeing about 9 people rush to get me prepped for surgery, I saw Cesar almost break down in tears.. but I took a deep breath and remained calm because it is HE our God who is always in control. ✨,” Eliana explained. 

”He slipped out on his own! It was perfect! 😭😍🙏❤️ God is so good! I’ve been in so much gratitude and enjoying every moment. This experience was one for the books.”

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