After thirty years, the beautiful woman stars! This is what Robert and gere have experienced over the years

Thirty years later, here is how the Pretty Woman stars still look and live! When their favourite movie stars made their latest appearances, fans were unprepared!

It’s hard to believe that thirty years have gone by since the premiere of the well-known film.

Roberts was 25 and Gere was 44 at the time of filming. Here’s the latest on how these movie stars have changed over time, as many people have been intrigued.

They genuinely have no competitors in the movie business!Hi, These performers’ allure and magnetism are still unaltered!Hi, For these iconic movie stars, time has flown by with grace!

We salute their choice to accept ageing naturally!Hi, This timeless movie never gets old to me. Time is not always kind.They are and always will be my favourite movie stars!

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