Al Pacino’s love story with Beverly D’Angelo: Here is all you need to know

Al Pacino was born on April 25, 1940, in New York City to Italian immigrants from Sicily and he was their only child.

His parents went separate ways when he was still a toddler and he was raised by his mother and grandmother.

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Pacino told The Guardian, “My grandfather, James Gerardi, taught me about work. He was a plasterer, and work – any kind of work – was the joy of his life. So I grew up wanting to – it’s what I’ve always chased. The joy of work is what keeps me going.”

He continued: “My teachers concluded that I needed a dad. I wasn’t an out-of-control teenager, but I was close. My parents divorced when I was two, and my father wasn’t in my life from then. I wanted to be different with my children.”


He became interested in acting during his teenage days and he was encouraged by his mother.

He got into high school but soon dropped out at the age of 17 due to poor grades.

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He got his breakthrough after studying theater at Herbert Berghof Studio. At the age of 28, he starred in the 1969 Broadway show Does a Tiger Wear a Necktie? and won an award after.

In 1971 he starred in Panic in Needle Park and was later cast as Michael Corleone in the now-legendary film, The Godfather.

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Pacino said in an interview with The New York Times, “It just seemed so outrageous. Here I am, talking to somebody who I think is flipped out. I said, what train am I on? OK. Humor the guy. And he wanted me to do Michael. I thought, OK, I’ll go along with this. I said, yes, Francis, good. Do you know how they talk to you when you’re slipping? They say, ‘Yes! Of course! Yes!’ But he wasn’t. It was the truth. And then I was given the part.”

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He became one of the most legendary actors, appearing in many films and bagging lots of awards.

Al Pacino has quite a successful career and three children and is said to have several tough relationships.

In 1997, he got involved with  Beverley D’Angelo and it didn’t take long before they welcomed their fraternal twins together.

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After the birth of the twins, their romance didn’t blossom and they were soon fighting for the custody of the kids.

D’Angelo was accused by Pacino’s lawyer of treating the kids as hostages. It was a sour battle which they later settled to co-parenting.

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Al Pacino is trying to be a good father for his children as he spends time in both New York and California just to be close to his children.

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