All you need to know about David McCallum from ‘NCIS’

David McCallum is popularly known for his role as Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard on the smash-hit show NCIS.

David McCallum is a writer, a musician, and an actor who has been in the show business for over a decade.

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David was born in Glasgow, Scotland on 19th September 1933.

His mother Dorothy worked as a cellist while his father David Sr. worked as an orchestral violinist for the London Philharmonic Orchestra. His parents were musicians, so it wasn’t news when he chose to be one. He started playing the oboe from a young age.

“Here am I six or seven years old, and [my father’s] choosing my profession,” McCallum said.

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However, it was acting that took his attention.

“I played The Little Prince in Shakespeare’s King John, at one of those local things where people do skits and songs. Mine was the little prince having his eyes put out by this terrible man, and I acted it, evidently, very well, because I got a standing ovation. I wasn’t more than eight,” he recalled.

“And I said: ‘Hey, hey, hey, this is kinda cool!’ I don’t know if I consciously thought it, but I had found the place I wanted to be: on a stage, with the lights and make-up and the people. I’m exactly the same to this day; the feeling has never left.”

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In the 1960s, David McCallum landed a deal with a record label and got to release 4 albums with capital records.

“I always knew that I could turn to music if I failed as an actor,” he said.

Of course, he didn’t turn it bad, he was rather successful.

David first got married between 1957 and 1967 to Jill Ireland and divorced the same year. He went on to marry Katherine Carpenter and they have stayed together for the past 54 years.

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We’ve spent ten months of the year apart for the last 13 years. She is part of the oldest interior design firm in the US and works out of New York,” he told the Belfast Telegraph in 2016.

“We keep in constant touch, and there are all these vacations in America, like Thanksgiving, when we are together. And the cellphones.”

They have four kids together, Val McCallum, Sophie McCallum, Paul McCallum, and Peter McCallum. He had a fifth child, Jason McCallum, who tragically passed away aged just 27 in November 1989.

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According to Celebrity Net Worth, he has a net worth of $15 million.

“NCIS has been a phenomenon, it has attracted huge audiences all over the world, and I’m now hearing from people who have watched me in programs from the 60s and 70s after first noticing me in NCIS,” he said.

“In the old days, we used to get fan mail, but nowadays, it’s all Facebook and Twitter, and the impact of these things is remarkable. My publisher in America organized a book signing, and more than 30,000 people read it on Facebook.”

He has built a legacy that will never be forgotten. We wish him all the best.

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