Daily Quotes

Always rely on God

Trials, challenges, disappointments are all parts of life.

Obstacles, tests, and unanswered prayers are all parts of life but what really matters is how we react to it. We all have one time in our life being in situations we never believed we were going to survive, but here we are still alive and glorifying God.

No matter how depressed we get over things we can’t help, losses we can forget, heartbreaks that we feel we can’t get over, never forget that each step we take, God is with us.

Life comes with its everyday struggles and obstacles. We get stuck in some and at times we pass them. Whichever condition you find yourself, especially the ones we feel like we can’t actually do or by-pass, always remember that tests which we must pass are one of the ingredients of life.

You can never know how strong you are till you let go of things we never felt we could forget. You can’t know how courageous you are until you move out of that shell of fear and defeat your sort comings.

A miracle doesn’t happen without our efforts. God doesn’t get things done through himself. He works through us. We can only give him the chance if we believe in him and come out of our shells of fears and regrets.

When we feel like we can’ bear the ups and downs of life, never lose hope or be despaired because God is always with us and will never forsake us.

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