Amazing performance by Randy Travis three years after his stroke

One of the few voices that actually sends chills down my spine is Randy Travis’.

He tragically had a stroke many years ago, but that didn’t stop him from singing “Amazing Grace” in praise of George Jones, a fellow country music artist, in a stunning performance.

The iconic artist, paying tribute to the recently deceased George Jones, was backlit by blue and purple illumination while giving a performance at the Grand Ole Opry.

Peers like Alan Jackson, Vince Gill, and Travis Tritt joined Travis.

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Travis’s wife Mary has talked openly about her husband’s challenging stroke and how supportive his ardent followers have been during this period.

Randy Travis was brought to a Dallas hospital on a fateful day in July 2013 due to viral cardiomyopathy issues. After having a stroke, he required brain surgery and fell into a coma. The country and gospel music legend’s prognosis was poor, according to the physicians, who estimated that his odds of survival were only 1% to 2%.

There was little purpose in continuing their efforts to keep him alive as a result.


Mary Davis Travis, his wife, had the option of just turning off the life support and letting her husband doze off. She was asked directly by the doctors. What did she wish to accomplish?

She, however, made the decision to disregard them all. She made the decision to go against the grain and ignore the advice of medical professionals.

Only a 1–2% chance of survival, according to the experts, but Mary knew her husband was a warrior. She was unable to turn the respirators off for some reason.

According to USA Today, May recalled saying, “I prayed hard, ‘God, please let me have him back, any manner, shape or form.

Even though her husband was essentially just skin and bones, Mary never once thought about turning off Randy’s machines while he was still in a coma and entangled in a bed of wires.

Then the miracle materialised one day. Then Randy awoke.

“We are fortunate. We are content with our location. At the conclusion of this healing, we don’t know what God has in store for us. Our current song is one of gratitude and gratitude for where we are, she remarked. “Wherever there is a need for us to serve, we are pleased to do so. Of course, he would dearly love to return to that stage someday. We’re really living it up right now and feel incredibly fortunate to be where we are.

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After his stroke, Randy has been confined to a wheelchair, but he is improving and can now walk small distances on his own. He has also taken up music, and he still has a strong passion and affection for it.

After regaining his ability to walk, he was honoured into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2016.

Anybody who knows Randy is aware of his colourful past. He’s had both a difficult and beautiful life, according to his wife.

Travis, who is still dealing with aphasia, has clearly been trying and praying to regain his previous level of brilliance if the performance below is any indication.

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He did this after having a stroke, in fact. is incredible. Mr. Travis, you are a really gifted individual! This still gives me the shivers. I’m praying for his recovery since you can see and hear the anguish.

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