Anne Heche’s life support will be TURNED OFF after the brain dead actress has her organs checked for donation: Family say ‘she will be remembered for her courageous honesty and dearly missed

Actress Anne Heche, 53, was involved in a catastrophic car accident in Los Angeles and has been formally deemed brain dead.
The purpose of keeping Heche on a ventilator is to see if any of her organs may be given, according to Heche’s relatives.
She will thereafter be taken off life support by medical staff at the Grossman Burn Center at the hospital in West Hills. She will theoretically live till the check is finished because it has “long been her desire” to be an organ donor. “She will be remembered for her gutsy honesty and sorely missed for her light,” they wrote.

Actress Anne Heche (pictured being wheeled into an ambulance after the crash) has been intubated in a critical condition after crashing her Mini into a garage before speeding off and smashing it into a home where it exploded 

Following a brain damage sustained in a catastrophic LA vehicle accident last week, Anne Heche has been formally pronounced brain dead and will be taken off life support.

According to Heche’s desires, the 53-year-old actress will remain on a ventilator to see if any of her remaining organs are still healthy enough to be given. She is in a severe state and in a coma.

According to a statement issued Thursday night on behalf of Heche’s family and friends, the August 5 incident left her with a “serious anoxic brain injury.” She is currently being treated at the Grossman Burn Center at West Hills Hospital, north of Los Angeles. Such a damage is brought on by a persistent deficiency in oxygen to the brain.

An interior shot shows the Mini Clubman’s airbag had blown out along with most of the decor being burnt through following the crash

“We want to thank everyone for their kind wishes and prayers for Anne’s recovery,” a representative for her family said. “We also want to thank the dedicated staff and wonderful nurses who cared for Anne at the Grossman Burn Center at West Hills hospital.”

Heche will continue to receive life support until doctors can determine whether she has any viable organs to offer because, according to them, it has “long been her choice” to be an organ donor.

Sadly, Anne’s tragedy caused a significant anoxic brain injury, and she is still in a critical state and in a coma. It is unlikely that she will live.

A photo from earlier on Friday shows Heche moments before the second accident at the wheel with a bottle of vodka with a red cap in the cup holder

She’s being maintained on life support to see if any of her organs are still viable because she’s long opted to donate them.

We appreciate everyone’s prayers and well wishes for Anne’s recovery. We also want to thank the caring nurses and hardworking staff at the Grossman Burn Center at West Hills Hospital for taking such good care of Anne.

Anne had a big heart and was kind to everyone she encountered.

More than her exceptional talent, she considered it her life’s purpose to inspire kindness and joy, especially by promoting acceptance of who you love.

The 53-year-old suffered horrific burns during the collision and was recorded being dragged out of the mangled wreck by firefighters after it burst into flames in Los Angeles around 11 a.m. on August 5. Pictured: Heche’s wrecked mini is towed away from the crash site

She will be missed much for her light and remembered for her brave honesty.

The actress, 53, was last seen struggling for her life in the “worst state you can imagine” while still in a coma after slamming into a house last Friday while “high on cocaine.”

According to Heather Duffy Boylston, a representative for Heche, Heche had lung injuries that necessitated ventilator use and burns that necessitated surgery on Tuesday.

Homeowner Lynne Mishele, seen in the maroon, stands across the street from her home looking dazed and confused  after actress Anne Heche slammed a Mini into the side of her house and triggered a large fire

According to LAPD spokesman Officer Jeff Lee, detectives with a search warrant collected a sample of Heche’s blood and discovered drugs in her system.

Following the terrible accident, it was revealed that Heche’s blood was found to contain fentanyl and cocaine.

Despite being seen with a vodka bottle in her cupholder, officials said she had not been drinking.

She is in awful shape, a close friend of the actress informed DailyMail.com. Inhaling smoke poses a serious health risk.

Firefighters enter the property as large clouds of smoke billow from the scene of the high speed crash

If she survives this and awakens from her coma, it will be a miracle.

According to the actress’s representative, the actress was severely burned after she lost control of her automobile and it crashed into a house.

To “access, restrict and entirely extinguish the stubborn flames” brought on by Heche’s crash, 59 firefighters needed 65 minutes.

According to a source who asked to remain anonymous, “She will be in a coma for a very long time and there are fears she could die because her lungs don’t work on their own.”

Devastation is seen at Lynne’s house after actress Anne Heche plowed 30ft into the property driving a Mini at high speed

Firefighters were seen rescuing Heche from the horrific scene while wrapping her in a white towel to presumably prevent infection of her severe burns. Later, as they loaded Heche into the ambulance, they were seen ripping the towels off of her.

Due to Lynne Mishele’s injuries and reports that the actress was under the influence of cocaine, insiders tell TMZ that LAPD is investigating the horrible accident as a possible felony.

Mishele can be seen outside of her wrecked home in the minutes following the crash – Heche’s Mini still on the right, waiting to be removed

The extent of Mishele’s wounds is not yet known.

According to her representative, Heche “has a major lung injury requiring mechanical ventilation and burns that require surgical attention.”

They said, “She is in a coma and has not awakened since immediately after the accident.”

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