Anne Heche’s mom Nancy Heche has outlived four of her five children, as well as “secretly gay” husband

Many of the actress Anne Heche’s fans were shocked to learn of her passing. The actress died as a result of a catastrophic accident.

She leaves her bereaved mother behind, who has had too many losses in her life.

A automobile accident claimed the life of Anne Heche. Due to a “serious anoxic brain injury” brought on by a deprivation of oxygen when the actress’s car collided with a house, she was in a coma.

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The actress was kept alive after being diagnosed as brain dead so that her organs could be evaluated to see whether they could be donated. She was taken off life support after the evaluation, at which point she passed away.

Her mother, sister, and two children are among the things she leaves behind. Nancy Heche, her mother, has experienced plenty of tragedy and loss. Currently, she has lost four of her five children.

Anne’s connection with her mother suffered severely once the news broke about her friendship with comedian Ellen DeGeneres. Her mother disapproved of her daughter and had traditional religious beliefs.

Donald Heche, Nancy’s spouse, passed away from AIDS in 1983. Due to his extramarital relationships with other guys, Donald was secretly gay and contracted the illness.

Later, according to her mother, her severe response was brought on by her hostility to homosexuality as a result of her husband’s “betrayal.” It was “like the violation of an implicit vow: we would never have anything to do with gays,” she said in an interview.

Between 1997 and 2000, Anne and Ellen were a couple. At the time, same-sex relationships in Hollywood were less common than they are now.


“I went ten years without acting in a studio film. In later interviews, the actress described how she was let go from a $10 million film agreement and never appeared in a studio film.

Heche had dated A-List actor Steve Martin before starting her relationship with DeGeneres. Although their romance lasted for two years, Heche subsequently admitted she did not want to dedicate her life to it.


She started dating Coleman “Coley” Laffoon not long after Ellen, and they later got married. Laffoon worked as a cameraman, and the couple were married for eight years before having a kid.

She started seeing James Tupper, a Canadian actor who was her co-star in “Men in Trees,” again after being divorced. They made their romance public in late 2008 when they revealed they were expecting a kid.

Thomas Jane, who played her co-star in “Hung,” was her last love interest. Although Heche and Heche broke up in 2021, he released a statement following Heche’s vehicle accident in which he said, “While Anne and I are no longer a couple, today’s awful news was painful to me and to those who love her. Anne and her two sons have my deepest sympathies. Currently stable and anticipated to survive, Anne. Anne, who is one of the true talents of her time, is in my thoughts and prayers. God willing, no one else was harmed.

Meanwhile, Anne’s mother experienced a great deal of grief and sorrow.

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