As life support is turned off, parents bid farewell to their newborn, who then begins breathing right away

All you want is to deliver a healthy baby who is kicking and crying, and most mothers will agree that pregnancy and labour may be a frightening time.

But when a baby boy was born with medical problems that required him to be on a ventilator, one mother was forced to deal with the unimaginable.

In addition to posting a picture of her adorable grandchild who was born to her daughter Chelsea, Lisa Hough also revealed the unbearably difficult choice that her daughter had to make.

Karson, the grandmother of two and mother of three, was born with numerous medical issues.

Nana Lisa posted on her Facebook page, “The only way to explain what has happened is that this precious baby boy has undergone two very unusual traumatic diseases that are absolutely unconnected to one another.”

She said that her newborn infant grandson had experienced a “haemorrhage in the left temporal lobe” and was also suffering from a non-ketotic hyperglycinemia, a rare inherited metabolic disease (NKH).

For the rest of his life, Lisa wrote, “His case is characterised as severe and would cause him to be profoundly neurologically damaged – functioning at a 2-3 month old level at most.”

Given all the facts from the medical professionals surrounding her, his mother took the extraordinarily difficult choice to remove him from life support.

Lisa described the painful time they had to bid their adorable child farewell.

“Although we weren’t prepared to say goodbye to Karson, we were prepared for it. He would not breathe on his own, and we should expect his heart to cease within those 10 minutes, we were told after discontinuing intensive care and the ventilator.

However, Lisa claimed that “God had different ideas” and that she and her daughter saw a miracle.

“Once the ventilator was taken away, his heart rate and oxygen levels normalised, and now, five hours later, here he is with this miracle baby who we were told would never breathe, swallow, have gag reflexes, or even survive. He is doing his own breathing.

“He is chewing. He is holding on. Even yet, he has opened his eyes slightly a few times today.

She claimed that despite medical and scientific evidence against this young fighter’s survival, his doctors were at a loss for words and that the only explanation they could offer was that a miracle had occurred.

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