At 77 years old, Helen Mirren debuts a startling new haircut at the Cannes Film Festival

Without a doubt, Helen Mirren is a talented actor with a flair for drawing audiences’ attention.

Over the years, she has continuously amazed people with her appearance, and even at 77, she continues to do so.

Continue reading to learn the latest updated details about Helen Mirren’s appearance.

Nobody had expected the 1923 actress to show up on the 2023 Cannes red carpet, so many people were shocked to see her.

The actress smiled as she made her way onto the red carpet. Del Core sewed her a gorgeous handmade blue gown. The floor-length dress has a belted waistband and a plunging neckline.

She wore silver accessories, such as a necklace and chandelier earrings.

Although the focus was on Mirren’s gorgeous blue hair, her entire outfit was stunning. The actress typically sports natural grey hair, but this time she opted for a new style.


She put her hair up in an updo to highlight her blue-purple ombre. The actress is the ambassador for L’Oréal Paris, which did the hair. As a subtle nod to the brand, she carried a hand fan with the hashtag “#WorthIt” on it.

The actress usually flaunts her naturally grey hair and occasionally has fun with it. Even at the time, the actress’s 2019 red hair at the red carpet event for the same film festival made news.

The actress occasionally plays up her naturally grey hair, but she usually flaunts it. The actress’s 2019 red hair at the red carpet event for the same film festival made headlines even at the time.

The actress appreciates staying current with trends. In 2016, she joined Instagram at the recommendation of a coworker. She currently has millions of platform users who enjoy her posts.

She described in an interview how she began using the website and signed up for it. “Vin (Diesel) and his team were kind of the ones who first introduced me to Instagram,” she recounted. “That was, like, I don’t know how many years ago — seven years ago? — but it was a world I wasn’t really aware of and they were doing that,” the speaker continued.

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