At Mar a Lago, Tiffany Trump wed Michael Boulos

The Trump family will celebrate Tiffany Trump’s wedding on Saturday despite numerous criminal investigations and a possible hurricane. Tiffany, the lone adult Trump child who is not currently facing a fraud lawsuit or being looked into for involvement in a coup attempt, wed Michael Boulos this past weekend at Mar-a-Lago.

The wedding was apparently expecting more than 500 guests, which sounds like more than enough cover for a few FBI operatives to get in, in my opinion.


The wedding was essentially what one would anticipate from the Trumps: opulent, ostentatious, and a little garish (check out the multi-colored floral arches and the blindfolded dancers at the reception).

According to her mother, Marla Maples, Tiffany chose an Elie Saab gown as a reference to her husband’s Lebanese American ancestry. Despite the results of the midterm elections, Donald Trump still managed to walk his daughter down the aisle and smile for the cameras. Brave.

Trump apparently didn’t feel like celebrating on Saturday. According to a political source, “He has been agitated and yelling like a raging bull for the past few of days.” And who knows how he felt when it was revealed, mid-marriage, that the Democrats would continue to have the majority in the Senate after Catherine Cortez Masto was declared the official favourite to win the Nevada Senate seat.


He was unusually quiet on Saturday’s news and avoided Truth Social, but it goes without saying that the news of a Democratic Senate breaking during Tiffany Trump’s wedding quickly gained notoriety on Twitter.

At Mar-a-Lago weddings, the former president has a history of making impromptu “the 2020 election was rigged” speeches, but no specifics about his father-of-the-bride address have been made public as date. Though perhaps an election-fraud-themed toast wouldn’t have bothered his new in-laws.

Following the announcement of the engagement, Massad Boulos, the groom’s father, told the Daily Mail he was thrilled to be connected to Trump and referred to him as “the best president in recent US history; and the one with by far the biggest achievements.”


According to reports, the newlyweds first connected while Tiffany was on vacation in Mykonos with Lindsay Lohan. They were later engaged at the White House the previous year. Boulos hails from a business family, similar to Tiffany.

He was raised in Nigeria, where his family purportedly owns a wide range of businesses, despite being born in Houston. According to Town & Country, the Boulos family is a company owner in more than ten nations in West Africa. Sounds like the perfect son-in-law for Trump. I’m

The weekend before the midterm elections, Tiffany had her bridal shower. The Trump daughters can be seen posing with their sister-in-law Lara Trump, who is married to Eric Trump, in photos that big sister Ivanka Trump posted from the occasion on Instagram. (Don’t worry; Donald Trump Jr.’s fiancée Kimberly Guilfoyle attended the festivities as well.)


Reports surfaced shortly after the festivities started claiming that Tiffany might not actually be getting married, at least not legally.

According to early rumours from Business Insider blogger Kimberly Leonard, Tiffany had not yet obtained a marriage licence; however, TMZ later reported that the couple had done so as of Tuesday.

However, Tiffany’s wedding wasn’t just endangered by bureaucracy. Tiffany was reportedly “freak out” about Hurricane Nicole, which was predicted to hit Palm Beach and Mar-a-Lago directly, a few days prior to the ceremony, according to “Page Six.”

According to reports, the club was shut down on Wednesday and the staff was sent home because of the weather. Tiffany’s wedding was moved because Nicole, which made landfall in Florida on Thursday, was downgraded to a tropical storm.

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