Baby abandoned near dumpster when newborn is now CEO of company valued at over $62 million

Life on our world begins for the great majority of us when we are born into a loving family. We’re looked for from the beginning, and we’re given all we need to succeed.

Freddie Figgers, 32, was not so fortunate. In truth, there is nothing ‘regular’ about his life.

Figgers was discovered on the street as a newborn after his birth mother dumped him because she didn’t want him.

“My mum threw me out like regular garbage,” he claims.

He stated, “I’m not even meant to be here.”

Nathan and Betty Figgers, on the other hand, were looking for a boy and decided to give Freddie another shot. As adoptive parents, they welcomed little Freddie into their home, giving him the second opportunity he so desperately needed.


Figgers explained in a post on his website, “It’s remarkable that you can meet individuals like that, and I have never met my biological parents.” I’ve never been interested.”

As Figgers grew older, it became clear that he had a knack for the mechanics of electronic gadgets. He began disassembling and reassembling a 1989 computer his father had given him before his tenth birthday.


He got his first job as a computer technician when he was 12 years old. He began developing a cloud database in his own garden just three years later, thereby becoming his own boss.

Fast forward to adulthood, and Figgers founded his own telecommunications company, Figgers Communications, despite never having acquired a college education.

“He is currently the founder and CEO of Figgers Wireless, a black-owned telecommunications company valued at approximately $62.3 million dollars,” states the caption of one of his YouTube videos.

Figgers has also had the opportunity to pursue his own inventiveness. He began inventing devices to assist his adoptive father, who had Alzheimer’s disease, while he was a child.

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