Babysitter makes a decision about family’s dying daughter that makes me want to cry

If you’ve ever been given responsibility of a babysitter just someone told you to take care of their baby you must know how difficult it is to take care of a baby.

The love between a babysitter and a baby is something else which indeed is not explainable in words.


There are some babysitters who takes the jobs very seriously while the others don’t even get into the requirements of the parents.

George and Farra Rosko’s three children for some weeks, however when one of the children’s lives was in jeopardy, kiersten had to make a scary life changing decision. 22 years old student was from New Jersey.


She act or do some work to pay her fee. Therefore she was connected to this family by a friend who gave and provided her this job of babysitter.

The couple had three children. Kiersten shortly form a bond of love with children. Mostly with younger daughter Talia. But unfortunately Talia got ill and the medical report showed that she needed a new liver.


She had a life threatening liver disease.Kiersten was right there without even a second thought to offer if part of her liver could help.George and Farra and Rosko were unsure at first Donating part of liver is not that easy as donating blood.

There is a surgery for it with heavy risk. Kiersten stood on her decision and reports show that she was the perfect match for Talia.

Thankfully the surgery got successful and both Talia and Kiersten recovered quickly.

Talia is a healthy baby now she does all the things that toddler of her age can do. Now she can play and run just like other children.

Kiersten deserves hugs and appreciation for all that she did just for a baby. The truth cannot be denied that some people have golden hearts.

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