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Be Busy Working on Yourself

Distractions come, and they can take any form. Whenever we make the decision to focus on something, it seems like we automatically trigger distractions. Everywhere we turn, there is something to distract us from our focus. Sometimes, we believe that the things that distract us are necessary, and we give them our time and attention. Your distraction can be a person or a group of persons. It could be something or even an activity. Whatever it is that it removes your focus from your goals, it is a distraction.

Too busy to be bothered

Growing is something we will all do. Even people who are not willing or ready to grow will experience some level of growth, one way or the other. A lot of times, the most important types of growth we experience are bot physical and might not necessarily be evident to those around us. We have to focus on our growth because it is important that we grow. Growing means improvement, and it can sometimes even mean a complete transformation. We have to realize the importance of growth and how much we need to be deliberate about it. When we are focused on the different ways we need to grow, we will have little or no time for our distractions. The easiest way to get too busy being focused on the goals that are helping grow is to be determined. It is important that you are intentional about your goals. There is no other way to grow. Goals do not happen by accident or luck. Even when it seems coincidental, there are factors that you have out in place already that contribute to the success of that goal. You have to lay out plans and focus on working on them. Goals that drive personal growth require time, focus, drive, and determination.

Focused to succeed

The best way to manage your distractions is to understand what they are and why they occur. Your distractions can be in the form of negative words that people tell you. These words may undermine your confidence, automatically distracting you from your goals. Your distraction might be a person or group of persons. They might be people who care about who is not treating you right or people whose words and actions make you feel bad about yourself. Your distraction can be TV shows, social media, your mind, and how you spend your time. Whatever your distractions are, you have to understand them, know what they are, and be intentional about overcoming them. In dealing with distractions, the easiest thing to do will be to replace them with something else that feeds your growth. Replace negative words with positive self-affirmations. Replace time spent with negative people with spending time with people who are instrumental to your growth. Replace time spent on TV shows and excess social media time by taking courses that will help you grow. Remember that growth is deliberate. It will not happen on its own. Growth requires you to be intentional about it. It requires you to put in time, effort, and focus. Be too busy growing to even see your distractions.

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