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Be mentally strong

Life isn’t always sweet and promising like we always taught. We all at some points in our childhood days wished to be an adult, because we believe adulthood is the best life.

Moving into adulthood we realized it wasn’t the best life after all; it has been from one problem to another.

When I look back at how things were when I was still a kid and now; I will always choose my childhood days. Adulthood is so complex and daring; I knew emotional and mental stress when I became an adult.

It has been from one heartache to another; life seems to be taking a turn on me. most times, I feel I could just leave the world already to a place of rest.

My past never left and it kept been a threat to my mental state. None of my relationships worked because my past changed my life view and it never stopped haunting me.

I knew if I didn’t let go of those things that hurt me I will never be better off. I decided to move on, and let go of my past.

I embraced the changes in my life and welcomed the challenges. I knew I have to be sane to make the best out of life.

I invested my energy into what makes me happy, and stopped wasting it on things I can’t control.

I raised my shoulders high so the world won’t have to beat me again; I was enjoying my present life and didn’t want to go back to losing my sanity.

I became mentally strong for myself, and to enjoy life when I still can.

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