Because of Harry and Meghan’s treatment of King Charles, Camilla left feeling “sad and upset.”

The coronation of King Charles is scheduled for next summer, at which point Camilla Parker Bowles will formally assume the role of Queen. Although it is still unknown if all members of the Royal Family will attend, they will surely be present to witness the historic event.

Simply put, it is unclear at this point if Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will go to the UK to see the coronation. The reason for this, however, is not the length of time required or the disturbance to their regular schedule, but rather the difficult relationship they have with the Prince and the soon-to-be Queen Consort.


Over the years, Camilla is said to have worked hard to build up a positive connection with her stepson and his wife. But a royal specialist claims that she has been harmed by the way the pair has treated King Charles.

Since Elizabeth II was crowned at Westminster Abbey on June 2, 1953, there hasn’t been a coronation in the United Kingdom. However, King Charles will be crowned next year, and specifics of the historic ceremony were just recently made public. Interestingly, King Charles is ready to renounce a long-standing custom.

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“Harry, on the other hand, despises Camilla and is furious that she is becoming queen. He can’t bear Camilla. He hasn’t accepted it, and he most likely never will.

There is no doubt that Harry and Camilla’s relationship has had its ups and downs. He and his brother William “liked her to bits” and thanked her for making their father, King Charles, very happy in 2005, when he turned 21.


But at the same time, hostilities between them have persisted. They have never been extraordinarily close to her, as one of the brothers’ friends once observed.

Relationships between Harry and Meghan and the Royal Family were strained after they departed the UK. Some people are concerned that Harry would reveal shocking details about Camilla in his planned book, which is why Camilla, of course, is among those who have reason to despise the couple’s approach when they opened up about a lot of sensitive matters.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there. Angela Levin, a royal biographer and authority, recently told Sky News that Camilla is “extremely furious” with Harry and Meghan. Camilla didn’t like the couple’s prior assertion that Charles and William are “stuck” within the monarchy.

She is aware that parents may adore their kids but vehemently disagree with what they are doing.

Earlier this year, Meghan said to The Cut that King Charles had been deeply upset and that her husband had “lost” his father. During the Platinum Jubilee in June, Meghan and Harry allegedly spent time with King Charles (then-Prince), together with their children. Charles “loves and misses” his grandchildren, say Daily Mail insiders.


When Meghan first joined the Royal Family, insiders claim that Camilla not only tried to treat Harry well but also Meghan.

There was a valid reason, according to Angela Levin, why she was believed to have greeted the US native “warmly.” Camilla was aware that being a “newcomer” to the Royal Family wasn’t simple. She actually understood “more than anyone” how challenging it is to be accepted into the Firm.

Levin claims that at first, Camilla even invited Meghan to lunches out, but she turned her down. She appeared to be “bored, unresponsive, and chose to go her own way” instead.


She attempted to be encouraging, was pleased to be her mentor, and took her out for special lunches, according to Levin’s book.

She doesn’t want to see anyone struggle, and she likes Meghan, a source informed me at the time. The Queen Consort’s advise, however, “landed on hard ground because Meghan seemed bored, was unresponsive, and preferred to go her own way,” she wrote.

She continued, “The Duchess always felt rather suspicious of Harry and used to observe him looking at her in a long and frigid way out of the corner of her eye.” She thought it was really unsettling. Other than that, they got along great

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