Before the public cancer diagnosis, King Charles and Kate Middleton had a “emotional” encounter that revealed

Kate Middleton is continuing her cancer treatment while avoiding public life as much as possible. On March 22, the Princess of Wales made the cancer diagnosis public.

She has been spending quality time with her family at their country home, Anmer Hall in Sandringham, since Easter. Her family includes Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, the three children she and Prince William share.

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Both Kate Middleton and King Charles are undergoing cancer treatment. It is stated that during this trying time, the king and princess stood by one another through thick and thin. Charles was rumoured to have dropped by Kate at the London Clinic when she was healing from her stomach surgery.

Just before her video announcement, Kate was sitting in the Windsor grounds. There are reports that she had lunch with King Charles at Windsor Castle. Recently, more information regarding their lunch has come to light, and it doesn’t disappoint. Kate Middleton and King Charles are now undergoing cancer treatments.

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Following his formal coronation in early May of last year, the monarch revealed his cancer diagnosis in early February. About six weeks later, Kate Middleton revealed her own condition.

Although the comment was obviously heartfelt, royal expert Jennie Bond said that one word made it clear that the two have a remarkable bond.

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A senior royal has so few individuals they can confide in and know that all they say will be kept private. It must have been consoling for Charles and Kate to be able to talk about their feelings and the effects of the chemotherapy treatment.

Jennie Bond went on to say that Kate Middleton and Charles had developed a “genuinely affectionate relationship,” rather than her “looking for a father figure.”

Remember how Diana mentioned that Charles had always desired a daughter? The royal insider went on, “And he loves the grandchildren and sees them much more now, either at Windsor or Sandringham.”

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