Being able to witness old age is a treasure

Old age is like a wish many dream and wish it comes true. Many want to see it but never got to be there.

Being able to see your third generation is the greatest thing one can ever wish for.

I can remember the look on my dying grandpa’s face before he died. He told me that if there was anything he ever wished for, it is to see that his kids’ children are happy and ailing. He was delighted that he never buried any of us.

Old age comes with a new whole feeling and, at times, with a lot of challenges. They can have the challenges of not being able to walk or have problems with their sense organs. Nevertheless, we should always care for our old ones. Why don’t you bear the burden for some time instead of dumping them in a care home?

When they were younger, they cared for you, a time if they left you wouldn’t have existed or being a better person. Learn to take up responsibilities instead of dishing them to another person.

Old age comes with them being childish and acting so weird; you have to commiserate it. You were once like that.

Life is a process, you start walking with four feet, before going to two, and then you go back to three. You crawl when you are a toddler; you walk when you pass the stage, and then go back to walking on your two legs and a walking stick when you grow old. Such is life; treasure every step of your life.

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