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Being Elderly with Corona Virus

When the news of the corona virus hit, we were all worried. There was no adequate new. We didn’t know who was susceptible and who wasn’t. Over time, more information began to come out, and we were enlightened about the situation. The more we learned about the Covid-19 virus, the more information, the more worried we got.

I remember hearing on the news that older citizens are more at risk with the virus. I started laughing until I realized that I was an older citizen. At that point, it didn’t look too funny. To be honest, I feel for everyone who is at risk with this virus. Being an older citizen, I know that I am also at risk. I wish the virus had never happened, but it is here, and we can only try to manage it. The fact that people with existing health conditions, especially those with respiratory health conditions and older citizens are more at risk is scary. The fear of contracting the disease through social contact has triggered a high level of panic in people.

We hear news of panic buying in major grocery and convenience shops. People are stockpiling toiletries, sanitizers, nose masks, and food. Unfortunately, a lot of people are stockpiling to re-sell, which is quite in-humane. At a time when the world is united in this fight against this quickly contracted yet deadly virus, people are still selfish. In the panic to buy and hoard domestic, we the older citizens are held in the sense of dread. Apart from being unable to struggle with the crows at the malls, grocery stores, and convenience stores to get the much-needed groceries, we are scared even to go out, because we are at risk. It can be funny when you think you are not at risk because you are not elderly only for you to discover that you fall within the age bracket. Positive outlook. In all of these, I am confident that we will be all right. Despite the fact that the Corona virus is easily contracted, it is still avoidable. Now more than ever, we are obligated to become more concerned with our hygiene. Perhaps that is why people are stockpiling toiletries.

Basically, washing our hands regularly and keeping our distance will help prevent the spread of the virus. It is important that we manage the spread of the virus. It costs a lot to test for the virus, and even more to treat people who have contracted it. Being an older citizen, I have taken the decision to self-isolate because I am more at risk. My friends and I found ways to stock the needed items. We have avoided stockpiling because other people need these items too. I am hopeful that soon, all of these will pass. I pray that the elderly ones have people to look after them. I pray they do not contract it and become exposed. I pray we come out of this very soon.

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