Boy, 5, runs to neighbor’s house with infant sister to ask for help after mom suffers seizure in the shower

Her 5-year-old son and two-month-old baby girl had just been put to bed and she was taking a shower when she started to have a seizure. She blacked out and fell down the stairs.

When the Arizona mom fell to the ground, she hit her head on the side of the tub, and was still slumped over in front of the faucet with the water still coming out.

It was her son Salvatore who heard the thud. He went into the bathroom and found his mom bleeding from a head wound.

Before he went to get help, the 5-year-old took his 2-month-old sister with him.

“My Mom Died in the Shower.” A 5-year-old girl carries her baby sister and runs to a neighbour for help after her mom died in the shower.

In order to open the garage door, he stood on a chair he had taken from the kitchen. He then wrapped his 2-month-old sister in a blanket and went to Jessica Penyoer’s house, which was close by. She lived there.

When the neighbour saw the young boy on her doorstep at night, she thought he was telling her that his dog had died. She thought he was telling her that his dog had died.

She died in the shower. No, I can’t. Jessica thought back.

When Jessica called 911, she went to the boy’s house. When she got there, she found her neighbour unconscious in the shower, with the water still running.

They found Katelyn lying on the floor of the shower next to the faucet unconscious.

An honorary firefighter certificate was given out.

Katelyn said, “He really saved my life.” “I was in front of the faucet.” If he didn’t get help, I would have drowned.”

Her son asks her every day if she’s okay, or if she’s going to die.

The quick-thinking youngster, now known as “Super Sal,” was given a medal by the Rural Metro Fire Department a month after the accident.

Sal was given a patch, a certificate, a shirt, and a helmet.

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