Boy, four, died after falling off 50cc Yamaha motorbike that he was riding with his seven-year-old cousin before it crashed into metal pole, inquest hears

A 4-year-old boy died when he fell off a 50cc motorcycle he was riding with his 7-year-old cousin. Lennox Railton Craggs pushed his way on and then pulled the accelerator lever.
He fell off and hit his stomach on a metal pole, which hurt him very badly.

Crook Coroners’ Court was told that when Lennox Railton Craggs got home to Bishop Auckland earlier this year, he was excited to try out the 50cc Yahama.

Lennox Railton-Craggs, 4, of a fatal tear in his liver after losing control of his seven-year-old cousin’s mini-motorbike and crashing into a metal pole by his home in Bishop Auckland

The court heard that his cousin was being watched as she learned to ride her new mini-motorcycle, and Lennox had asked to try it out.

He was told he would have to ride on the back and wear his bike gear for safety.

But the eager youngster, who went to Prince Bishops Community School in Coundon Grange, pushed his way to the front, pushing the older child to the back seat, and pulled the accelerator lever.

His father tried to catch up to the motorbike, but he couldn’t before the two of them rode over some rough terrain near his home on Elliott Terrace in Eldon Lane.

Tributes were left at the scene (pictured) where four-year-old Lennox Railton Craggs died

Lennox hit a metal post that was meant to keep cars from getting to the grassy area. He hurt his stomach very badly.

Detective Inspector Leanne Green, who was in charge of the investigation, said, “Lennox was said to be a little boy who liked motorcycles and quad bikes.”

The day before, he went quad biking with his family.

His parents said he was excited about his new bike and asked right away if he could “try it out.”

He was told to wait until the right time and to wear his safety gear.

Lennox was fatally wounded after hitting a small metal post (pictured) when he lost control of the 50cc motorbike

The boy had gone quad biking the day before, and his grandmother had put his protective gear, like body armour and a motorcycle jacket, in the house to be washed.

The court heard that Lennox’s cousin understood that he had been told he could try and that he would have to go on the back.

He has kind of wriggled between her arms. Even though he was only four years old and his cousin was seven, he was said to be very strong while she was very weak.

Rachel, Lennox’s mother, was in the kitchen getting toys for her other sons when she came out and saw him riding his bike.

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