Brooke Shields was body-shamed, but her husband responded appropriately

Brooke Shields is one of the most recognisable actors of her time. All of her admirers regard her as a superb beauty. However, she is now speaking up about some of the harsh criticism she has received over her career.

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Brooke Shields is one of the most successful supermodels in the world. Because of her incredible talent and attractiveness, she has earned a reputation for herself both on the runway and on the big screen.

NEW YORK, NY – OCTOBER 04: Brooke Shields is seen on October 4, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by JB Lacroix/GC Images)

The 57-year-old beauty star, on the other hand, has had her fair share of opponents who have attempted to undermine her achievements. Shields is now talking out about her relationship with her mother Teri, who has been her manager since she was a toddler.

Her first critic was her mother. “My mother would get drunk and demand, ‘Why don’t you move your fat ass?'” the actress recounts. So I’ve always thought I had a big ass.” Her own mother subjected her to body shaming, which distorted her perception of herself.

Her mother died in 2012, after a longtime struggle with alcoholism. But her comments about Shields had a lasting impression on the actor. It took years to rectify the damage done.

NEW YORK CITY, NY – MAY 16: Brooke Shields and husband Chris Henchy are seen out for a stroll on May 16, 2021 in New York City, New York. (Photo by LRNYC/MEGA/GC Images)

In the end, it was her 17-year-husband, screenwriter Chris Henchy, who forced the actress to accept her body for what it was and see her own beauty.

She revealed, “I’d go backwards out of rooms, and he’d say, ‘No, I want to grab onto you,'” she recalls. Shields explained. “He praised my womanliness and my body.” And I needed a man to help me rejoice.”


From 1997 to 1999, she was married to Andre Agassi. She came into Hollywood as a teenager, but it was her classic Calvin Klein jeans ad, shot by Richard Avedon in 1980, that cemented her status as an icon.

While the actress was always thought to be gorgeous by the general public, she admits that she was constantly subjected to criticism. I modelled swimwear when I was 15, and even then, I didn’t think I had a bikini physique,” she explained. “I wasn’t a supermodel, but I was a cover girl.” I was labelled as ‘athletic,’ ‘not rail-thin,’ and ‘not a runway model.’ “Such messages permeate your consciousness,” the actress concluded.

She did another swimwear ad a few years ago, this time collaborating with Calvin Klein. She stated that she was committed to the part and worked hard to look her best. “I knew I’d be ashamed and angry at myself if I didn’t look my best. I quit drinking beer and wine and started working out three times a week. “I was my best self,” she remarked, adding, “I was also hungry.”


It’s amazing to see that even a beautiful beauty like Brooke Shields struggled with insecurities. While the rest of the world thought she was stunning, her own mother and other naysayers tried to make her feel inferior.

It’s encouraging to see how her spouse challenged her ideas and reminded her of her beauty, allowing her to accept her body for what it was.

Recently, the actress has spoken up about a sexual assault she had more than 30 years ago. Shields stated in a recent interview with People that she was assaulted by a Hollywood producer shortly after graduating from Princeton University.


She blamed herself at the moment, but she’s had time to comprehend what happened over the years.

“I’m more enraged today than I was then.” You have every right to be terrified. Those are frightening scenarios. They don’t have to be violent to be frightening.”

Since “people weren’t believing those allegations back then,” the model turned actress has confessed she was a victim of sexual assault for the first time. “I believed I’d never have to work again.”

Her narrative, which has unfortunately become all too frequent in Hollywood, is portrayed in further depth in the upcoming two-part documentary Beautiful Baby: Brooke Shields. “You see it all together doing the documentary, and it’s a marvel that I lived,” Shields remarked.

Shields found herself at the “lowest point” in her career after graduating from Princeton University. She had dinner with an unnamed Hollywood executive who she thought would offer her a role in a film or a job, but after their meal, he invited her to his hotel room.

New York, NY – February 18, 2020: Brooke Shields and Chris Henchy attend premiere of Impractical Jokers: The Movie at AMC Lincoln Square

He persuaded her to accompany him to his room under the pretence of calling a cab from there. But once there, he abused her sexually.

“I didn’t fight,” she stated flatly. “I just stood there frozen.”

Shields felt terrible about herself and blamed herself for the attack. “I kept telling myself, ‘I shouldn’t have done that.'” Why did I agree to go up with him? I should not have had that drink at supper.”

Shields only told one person at the time, her close friend and former security consultant Gavin de Becker. But she’s now ready to share her story “in the hopes of making folks feel less alone.”

“Everyone handles their own trauma on their own timetable.” I want to be an advocate for women’s right to speak their minds.”

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