By far, Dunkin Donuts’ Super Bowl commercial is the best one yet

A significant portion of the Super Bowl is the ads. And among the most well-liked and hilarious of this year’s was Ben Affleck’s collaboration with fellow Bostonian and lifelong buddy Matt Damon, as well as the legendary Tom Brady of New England.

Or how about this: wasn’t Dunkin’s commercial hilarious?

While there are many memorable Super Bowl ads, many people have grown to enjoy this year’s Dunkin’ Donuts advertisement.

The majority of the Super Bowl advertisements this year have been quite boring. Nevertheless, Dunkin’ Donuts’ second-quarter advertisement turned things around.

Ben Affleck, Tom Brady, and Matt Damon unexpectedly burst into Jennifer Lopez’s recording studio in a comical scene that the business created.

After showcasing their comedy skills with a fun dancing routine, Affleck and Damon joked, “How about those donuts?” A lovely homage to his famous statement from Good Will Hunting.

It possessed all the elements of an ideal advertising, including prominent celebrities and meaningful cameos that added value to the piece.

Would anyone not want to see more of this boyband from Boston, known as the “DunKings”?

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